Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hydroponic Poppy Growing... "Hydroponic Heroin: How to Grow Opium Poppies Without Soil" Ebook!

So I recently stumbled upon an book that was said to be an amazing guide to growing poppies using the hydroponic method. The only problem with the book was that it has been out of publishing for a long time and is around 80 dollars on amazon at this time.

Don't fret though, after hours of searching (more like 10 minutes), I was able to find it in ebook form. This book is well worth the read and much more than just a guide. Its just so great, if I actually had money I would buy the real thing.

The actual title is:

Hydroponic Heroin: How to Grow Opium Poppies Without Soil

Here is the URL to the amazon reviews:

Anyways though, here is the link to download it:

Hydroponic Poppy Growing Ebook Download

Here is another download link if the one above doesn't work for you:

Hydroponic Poppy Growing Ebook Download Mirror

Its well worth the download.


Exzanian said...

haha dude, you must be a masochist for hard work! Seriously tho, have you tried opium lettuce? (latuca virosa) I'm tempted to try it but is seems to be very, very mild but then again much cheaper than Kratom...Any ideas on how to potentiate Lactuca? (codeine CWE, alcohol etc)

joshlp said...

I've never actually tried it. Seems worth trying though... I'm broke at the moment, you should try it and post back haha.

I assume any type of opiate would potentate it. Is acetaminophen/codeine OTC in the UK? I assume that's why you ask that... but yeah a CWE of some codeine, then maybe mix some alcohol with the liquid... haha that would surely potentate the hell out of it.

Enzyme Inhibitors (grapefruit juice, tagamet), are known to potentate opiates as well. If you had access to any benzos such as klonopin/xanax/valium/ativan (I'm sure you know what benzos are but for anyone else that might read this), they seem to work best in my opinion.

Anyways my assumption is that whatever would work on opiates would work on Lactuca. This is just an assumption though, definitely not fact, I'll have to look into it more. Maybe try it myself. haha.

Columbine said...

It is said (I haven't tried it myself but according to other places that I have researched)- that opium lettuce does not work at all. :( Not sure if that's true though!

adult hop said...
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